$500 referral on flips (ask us how)

Meet the Team

Curtis M. Henderson


Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Curtis was born and raised in Topeka. He graduated from Topeka West and started his career in automotive at ED Bozarth Chevrolet. He quickly found out that he loved to talk and sell. If you know him then you know he is quite good at it. He takes charge and enjoys a challenge. Partnered with David there isn't much that cannot be accomplished. 

David J. Habig



David was born and raised in Topeka. He graduated from Seaman High.  He also has a background in automotive from Ed Bozarth Chevrolet. David has a mind for fixing everything and brings a level head to the table that not only keeps Curtis grounded but helps keeps us on budget. 

If he can't figure out how to fix it, nobody can.

Details and Pricing

Residential Property Management

Founded in 2007 our courteous approach to a "family style" of management, lets your renters know we care about them as much as we care about the property. Doing this results in happier renters, honest relationships and a positive experience for all parties involved. 

So no matter if you have 1 rental or 100, give us a call and let us get that rental making you the money it should be.

Fees and Offerings

What do you get when you partner with us...?  a simple easy to understand transaction.

Our Duties Include:       taking all the calls, doing background checks, credit checks, criminal history checks, repairs, evictions, inspections, marketing, advertising, leases, rent collections, deposit collections and sending statements monthly to you.

Our Fees:                                                               10% of Rent. Plain, Clear and Simple.

No Advertising fees, No paperwork fees, No showing fees, No set up fees, No Vacancy fees.

Best of all.... We don't get paid til you get paid. 

 We don't make a dime unless we get it rented for you.

Repairs are equally simple. $35hr repair rate for us. If a contractor is needed then we pay them directly and deduct from the next rent collection 

(no markup)

Selling a Fixer Upper?

We buy houses with cash. Typically we can close within a week and in most cases we pay for closing. 

If your looking to sell and think it may be a good fit for a flip, let us know. A quick discussion can typically determine if it fits our buying formula. 

What we look for in a flip is outdated, neglected and worn down homes. 

We know that these homes can have sentimental meaning to the sellers (good and bad). So regardless of condition we treat the sellers with the respect and courtesy they deserve. 

The numbers have to work for us in order to make a deal but we know they have to work for the seller also. So we try to find a way to make it work for both buyer and seller.